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A blockchain powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work

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A next-generation education platform

RocketShoes is an educational platform designed for a learner centric approach and providing powerful tools to manage content in a decentralised way. Learners will be able to produce and keep track of their own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets. Organisations can manage large amounts of content in a way that is not possible with today’s systems, allowing for radically new functionality, and deep integration with the Blockchain.  

Intro Video

Recorded May 21, 2018
Blockchain Centre, Melbourne 

Built for Education

RocketShoes is built by an experienced team of educational experts and decentralised technology developers for the future of education and work. Designed with the student at the centre, it integrates with existing school, university and corporate education platforms. This makes RocketShoes a platform of choice to be a cornerstone of an approach facilitating learning relationships (with peers, teachers, and content) rather than a content-centric one. Digital assets in RocketShoes are controlled by the author by default, and can be stored permanently for later access.

Blockchain Integration

NEM is a blockchain platform designed specifically to work with modular, smart assets. RocketShoes is built on the NEM blockchain to allow you to do smart things with your digital assets, such as voting on, timestamping, and sharing content. Because these modules are already built in NEM, the RocketShoes platform can thrive. This means that for example assignments submitted via RocketShoes will be recorded on the Blockchain to establish authorship and time of submission in a dependable way.

Secure storage

Digital assets can be automatically encrypted in RocketShoes at the atomic level. Content is instantly searchable, discoverable, sharable and reusable online and offline. Because it uses IPFS, every RocketShoes asset is stored for instant access from wherever you are, and has a unique crytographic hash that makes it fully blockchain compatible. Enterprises can manage and author content like video, audio and other media in a way that is optionally on an entirely private peer to peer network and blockchain, and not tied to a particular system.

Using the Decentralised Web

RocketShoes is being built using the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS), a new a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to build what is known as the distributed or de-centralised web. Key features of IPFS make it extremely useful for the distribution of educational content. In particular, IPFS is designed to be high performance, secure and tamper-resistant, open, and content is stored permanently.  RocketShoes provides a fast, secure, decentralised cloud solution that can integrate with existing and future systems.

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Development Road Map


Q1: Minimum Viable Product

Our first quarter will produce a minimum viable product, a Digital Asset Wallet (Web 3.0 app), featuring NEM Integration for assignment submission and timestamping.  The student view will show which items have been submitted, and a teacher receives timestamped and verified submissions.

Milestone Completed

Q2: Teacher Tools

Teachers can browse assignments that have been submitted for assessment and  upload and browse content to their own wallet.

Q3: Content Management

Distributed content management tools enable users to browse, publish, sell, discover, share content and (optionally) automatically encrypt rich content.

Q4: Enterprise Beta

At the conclusion of the first year, we will release a beta version of the RocketShoes Enterprise tools.  These allow the creation and sharing of courses as well as a dashboard view with aggregated information, and core data management tools.  We will also release native RocketShoes Wallet apps
 for iOS and Android.


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