Digital Strategy

Deep dive consultation on all aspects of educational transformation, including leadership, change management, and how to be innovative about innovating. We offer an end-to-end solution from a future-focused digital strategy that is right for your organisation to achieving positive transformation.

Online learning design

We have decades of experience in designing courseware for blended and online learning, including educational design, e-Learning content creation, quality assurance and testing, and learning experience, user experience and interactive design.

Advice on educational technology

If you are considering emerging technologies such as Generative AI, Web 3.0 and innovative learning space projects we can assist with advisory services, design, development and building a team.

Future Readiness

Using frameworks developed over years of best practice, we conduct a comprehensive review of the institution’s readiness to move into next generation learning environments based on your strategies, pedagogic practices, and the key features of future educational technologies.

Workshops and PD

We offer a range of workshops for leadership groups and professional development sessions for teaching staff on a variety of topics on the future of educational technology, including Blockchain, Web 3.0, XR, Cybersecurity and Learning Space design.

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